5 Common Myths About Couples Therapy Debunked

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Couples, or marriage, therapy has gotten a bad reputation. People see it as the kiss of death for a relationship. The truth is that it fails most relationships simply because people either go too late or don’t commit to the work. Couples therapy can be extremely beneficial for working through issues and stopping them from becoming larger problems. We’ve debunked the 5 most common myths about couple’s therapy so that you get the truth.

Myth 1: You Don’t Need It

Everyone can benefit from therapy, whether you’re a family, an individual, or a couple. Couples therapy isn’t just to fix issues, it’s also to prevent small things from becoming larger problems. Even the happiest and most functioning couples can greatly benefit from having a neutral third party guide them. There is always a better way to do things so why not get some couples therapy to keep things running smoothly?


Myth 2: It Marks The End of The Relationship

This myth is around because of two reasons. One- couples therapy can help people in a relationship realize they can’t, or won’t, work on the issues that are causing problems. Two- people come to therapy too late and the issues are too big to solve. The truth is that if discussing your relationship and difficulties results in it falling apart, chances are that was going to happen anyway even without therapy. A top psychiatrist will never tell a couple to end a relationship, no matter how “bad” things seemingly are.


Myth 3: Only Weak Couples Go

Anyone that has been to therapy will tell you it’s not easy or for the week. It takes a lot of strength to open up, confront issues, and work through them, especially in a relationship. A therapist is there to guide you through your marriage, providing exercises, tools, and advice on how to get through issues and situations.


Myth 4: The Therapist Will Just Meddle In The Relationship

A couple’s counselor isn’t a meddler; they’re a mediator. It’s very rare that a therapist will tell a couple what to do. They teach people in relationships how to communicate, confront issues, and work towards bettering a relationship. Nothing ever happens in your relationship without your consent. The psychiatrists might push back a bit if you resist, but ultimately they respect your boundaries.


Myth 5: It Will Work Like Magic

Therapy is great, but it isn’t magic. Go into therapy with realistic expectations. It’s important to know that a therapist will give you tools and exercises to aid your relationship, but it falls onto you to use them. Don’t give up if the first therapist isn’t for you either. Every individual, family, or couple needs different types of therapy. It may take some time to find the right therapist.


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