Netflix’s New Show Has South Florida Schools Worried

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Netflix is known for their binge-worthy shows. Their latest release, 13 Reasons Why, is no different. It has taken the world by storm, but unfortunately not only for good reasons.

The show follows the aftermath of a student, Hannah, who committed suicide. Before she passed she left behind 13 tapes explaining why she killed herself. The show follows her friend Clay as he makes his way through the tapes all while struggling with his own guilt and grief.

13 Reasons Why is based on a book of the same title by Jay Asher. While some changes were made for the new format it remains the same mostly. Both the show and the book were aimed at trying to shed light on the issue of teen suicide. The cast, crew, and creator of the show have been adamant on starting discussions around mental health and suicide.

People have taken some issue with both what subject matter is discussed in the show and how it is discussed. Scenes depicting rape, bullying, and the actual suicide itself are shown in detail.

Some claim the show romanticizes the notion of suicide. Others say 13 Reasons Why glosses over mental health issues and portrays suicide as a form of revenge. The people behind the show and Netflix deny that was their intent.

Netflix has recently announced they will be adding more warning signs before the show’s episodes. Schools around the world have sent out newsletters to parents warning them about this show. Now South Florida schools are doing the same.

South Florida schools are warning students and parents about the controversial Netflix series. Top Florida psychiatrists say a warning isn’t necessarily a bad thing as certain kids may read the show in a way that wasn’t intended. Those who already face depression and other mental health issues could be triggered or have devastating effects from watching the show.

Palm Beach County’s superintendent said recently that his district has seen an increase in students trying to self-harm. Some have pointed to 13 Reasons Why for giving them the idea. People are calling the show sensational media that is influencing kids towards suicide.

Parents are also worried. They claim the show depicts a worldview where there are no reliable authority figures or classmates to talk to.

Florida psychiatrists don’t suggest banning kids from watching the show. That will only make them want to do so more. They suggest parents either watch the show with their children or have discussions with their kids after they’re done viewing it.

If you are concerned about someone you love contact one of Florida’s top psychiatrists.

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