Warning Signs of a Bad Psychiatrist

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Finding a top Florida psychiatrist can be easy. But sometimes you end up with a bad one, or at very least the wrong one. Finding a psychiatrist you like and trust is important to getting help. Sometimes it simply comes down to patient-therapist chemistry. Other times it is just due to an inexperienced or inpatient psychiatrist. Here are some warning signs to look for a bad psychiatrist.

Time Stickler

Being late is never a good thing. Your psychiatrist should obviously be there on time, but if they are late one or twice because of legitimate reason’s don’t jump ship. That courtesy should also extend to the patient. Being a few minutes late a couple of times should be forgiven by your psychiatrist. Arriving a few minutes (under 5 minutes) after your start time a few times should be allowed. It is the patient’s responsibility to arrive on time but a good psychiatrist realizes that people aren’t perfect and that life happens.

Termination Plan

Many people think that therapy is a life-long thing. For some people it is, but in many cases, a patient will go for a certain time and then follow an aftercare plan. A bad psychiatrist will wave goodbye and leave it at that. A good psychiatrist will have a detailed follow-up plan that will help the patient transition, either into life without therapy or to a new therapist.

Indirect Questions

If you’ve ever seen any movie or TV show no doubt you’ve noticed how therapists and psychiatrists ask vague questions. Sometimes this is done in reality to get the patient to explore why they’re thinking or feeling a certain way. A good therapist knows when to be direct and when to be vague. A bad psychiatrist will always ask indirect questions that will just leave you frustrated. It can be a waste of time trying to answer vague questions, so find a psychiatrist that doesn’t do this.

Judgment and Criticism

The last thing you want to feel in therapy from your psychiatrist is judgment. It’s hard enough opening up as it is. A bad psychiatrist will be critical of you, judging what you’re doing and how you’re thinking. A top Florida psychiatrist won’t judge, instead, they might point out why a certain action or thought wasn’t beneficial. Bottom line, if you don’t feel comfortable opening up to your psychiatrist because of judgment, find a new one.


When you start seeing a psychiatrist they should go over their rules. Some are open to getting calls at any time while others prefer to leave things until your next meeting. Most psychiatrists are available after-hours for emergency calls. A bad therapist will be unavailable when they say they will be. You need a psychiatrist you can count on to be there for you. Drop them if they are inconsistent and unavailable.


The only time a psychiatrist shouldn’t be focused on your during a session is if there is an emergency. It’s actually funny how often bad psychiatrists get distracted while with a patient. Taking phone calls, fiddling with their phone, and zoning out are all unacceptable distractions. A good psychiatrist will ask you from the beginning what you feel comfortable with. Sometimes patients and psychiatrists will have sessions while doing activities like walking or eating lunch. If these are discussed and agreed upon beforehand that is acceptable. Consistent distractions during a session are a sign of a bad therapist.


Sometimes what makes a good psychiatrist is just chemistry with a patient. A person can be experienced, trained, and a wonderful therapist but if you don’t click with them they will appear to be the worst. People severely underestimate how important it is to click with their therapist. This is someone you’re opening up to, you need to feel understood and respected. If you find that you and your therapist just aren’t gelling try looking for one that you do have chemistry with.


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