Lady Gaga & Prince William: The Unlikely Pair Fighting For Mental Health

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What happens when music royalty and, well, real royalty get together? It sounds like the opening to a joke but in this case, it isn’t. Prince William and Lady Gaga have joined forced to combat the stigma surrounding mental health. Their aim is to encourage young people to speak up on mental health issues.

The British royal family has been a long supporter of mental health. Just recently Prince Harry opened up about his own struggles after the death of his mother. He also recently walked as part of a mental health charity. The Princes and the Duchess of Cambridge, aka Kate Middleton, have set up their own charity, Heads Together. This umbrella organization has eight top mental health groups under it.

Lady Gaga has also been outspoken on mental health issues. The singer has been open about her own struggles with PTSD. Like the royals, she too has her own charity, Born This Way Foundation that focuses on empowering young people and fighting bullying.

While the Prince and Lady Gaga might seem like an unlikely duo at first glance, a slightly deeper look at their personal history shows why they’ve banded together for this important fight. As part of their campaign a video of Prince William and Lady Gaga FaceTiming was released where they discuss the importance of speaking out and ending the stigma of shame around mental and emotional issues.

The two hope to encourage people to speak out about their struggles with mental health. Lady Gaga told Prince William, “There is a lot of shame attached to mental illness, you feel like something is wrong with you.” William added that the time as come for people, especially young people, “to feel normal about mental health- it’s the same as physical health.”

With two powerhouse influencers behind ending the stigma around mental health there is sure to be progress. More celebrities are opening up about their own struggles everyday. Hopefully as role models and icons come out with their problems the younger generations will learn that there is no shame attached with a diagnosis.

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