Questions You Should Ask Your Psychiatrist

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Making the decision to go see a psychiatrist is a big step. Once you overcome that obstacle you may start to panic about finding the right therapist for you. It’s a big decision for sure- you’re going to be opening up and sharing information the other people, even those closest to you, might not know. If you’re looking for a new top psychiatrist in Florida be sure to ask these questions.

“What are your qualifications/experience?”

This is a simple question you should ask any psychiatrist you’re considering seeing. Ask them how long they’ve been practicing, where they went to school and what disciplines they’re focused on. Asking this question is a great way to make sure they’re qualified and licensed to practice. It’s also a great simple opener question before getting to the deeper ones.

“My problem is _____. How would you treat that?”

If you’re seeking a psychiatrist you likely already know what your problem if but even just having a list of symptoms is helpful. Most therapists will respond with a general plan, one that will likely change and adapt to your own personal needs. Most importantly, you want to find a psychiatrist that can describe their process and approach in a way that you understand it and feel comfortable. If they use technical, big words that you don’t understand chances are that’s how every session is going to go.

“Will you focus on the immediate problem or the deeper issue?”

There are different forms and styles of therapy. Some deal with the immediate symptoms and problems while others focus on digging and solving the deeper issues. First, you have to figure out what you need. Do you need immediate relief or do you have a long-standing deep issue you want to be resolved? You want to find a psychiatrist whose approach will suit your needs.

“Do you lead the session or follow my lead?”

A therapist can either be a “directive” or “non-directive”, meaning they are either the leader or the follower. Some psychiatrists will have a plan with questions to guide you through a certain topic. Other’s will sit back and let you talk it out. There’s no right way- it’s all about what you feel most comfortable with. Find a psychiatrist that takes an approach you feel comfortable with.

“What are your strengths as a psychiatrist?”

If you’ve ever been to any job interview you’ve probably been asked what your strengths are. There’s a reason it’s always asked- it’s a valuable question. Not many clients ask this question but you should. Listen to their strengths and find out what makes them one of Florida’s top psychiatrists.

“Have you ever been in therapy?”

This question may seem bold or combative but for some people, it’s an important one to ask. Going to a psychiatrist that’s been in therapy means they understand what it’s like to sit in your shoes. It can also remind you, as a client, that your therapist doesn’t have all the answers either; they’re just a normal person like you.

“Will there be homework after sessions?”

If you’ve never been to therapy before you might be wondering why you’d get homework. You’re not in school after all. Except, well you kind of are. Therapy is about learning and some psychiatrists will give you homework and exercises to complete between sessions. Not all of them will, it can depend on you, your needs and your therapist. It’s best to know before hand what your therapist will have in store for you, though.


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