Delray Beach Program Gives Mental Health Patients a Home Away From Home

Delray Beach

For over a year, social worker and therapist Michelle Sgarlato has been coordinator of the Welcome Home Program at Delray Community Center at 7091 W. Atlantic Ave, caring for 20 men and women with long-term mental health conditions. Despite a severe lack of funding, the service is free to the community year-round Monday through Friday.

The program consists of socialization opportunities, psychiatry sessions, self-esteem workshops, art therapy, mental health education, and much more. They help their members make friends and encourage them to get involved in local initiatives. Often local Delray Beach psychiatrists and Nova Southeastern University student interns assist with running the program.

The daily structure that the program brings to it’s participants life plays an important role in their on-going depression and anxiety treatment in Delray Beach. Without the program, many of the members would be isolated at home with little opportunity for social activities.

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