Future Boynton Beach Doctors from Local Highschool

Boynton Beach

Thanks to a new medical program at Boynton Beach High, if any student required basic medical attention they students in the program know how to help. They call out the steps they learned in the hands-on class – check for a response, breathing, call 911 and begin to perform CPR.

At the end of their sophomore year, students will be certified as an emergency medical responder. By the end of their junior year, they’ll have a medical administrative assistant certification. And at the end of their senior year, they’ll add to the list personal trainer and EKG technician.

There are currently about 55 students enrolled in the program aimed at helping students prepare for a career in the medical field. One student said she had originally thought she may be a pediatrician when she got older, but after starting in the medical program she changed her mind to becoming a psychiatrist in Boynton Beach.

This program is an amazing opportunity to allow students to explore various medical fields before graduation and applying to college. It’s one of 17 schools in palm beach county to offer this type of program and so far the success of the program has been overwhelming.

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